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Cookie policy

This Cookie Notice applies to the website, and describes how we use personal data collected by cookies and other techniques, including pixels ("Cookies") on our website or any other website under a published subdomain (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

Data Collection

When you open our Site or browse our targeted ads, we automatically collect data using Cookies.

The types of data we collect by Cookies include IP address, device ID number, viewed pages, search data, type of browser, operating system, internet service provider, timestamp, URL from which you were redirected, and location data depending on the device you are using.

More information about cookies

Cookies are small electronic information that a website sends to a visitor's browser and stores on the visitor's hard drive. We store Cookies on your computer when you visit our website.

If you are concerned about storing Cookies on your device, you can configure your browser to reject storing all Cookies or to alert you when setting Cookies, allowing you to decide whether to accept them or not.

Also, you can delete Cookies from your device. However, if you choose to block Cookies or delete them, certain features of the websites you visit may not function properly.

Types of cookies

Technical cookies (mandatory) are necessary for the functioning of the website. It is possible to disable necessary cookies in the browser settings, but in that case, there is a possibility that you will not be able to use part or all of the website. Please note that no personal data is collected or stored by necessary cookies.

Functional cookies are used to improve the service and remember some personalized settings.

Statistical cookies enable the recording of visits and traffic sources and are used for statistical purposes and to improve the website.

Marketing cookies are used for personalized tracking of users so that targeted ads can be displayed based on their interests and habits.

More information about pixel tags Pixel tags (also known as "web beacons" or "clear gifs") are electronic files that often consist of a one-pixel image and can be added to a website or e-mail for the purpose of sending information such as a newsletter. We may use pixel tags to set or recognize a Cookie on your device if you use our services.

Third-party cookies

We enable certain third parties to set Cookies. If you have questions about the Cookies used and who sets specific Cookies, please contact us using the contact details provided below.

Purpose of processing

We use your data, including personal data collected by Cookies, for the following purposes:

A. Facilitating the use of our Site

We use data collected by Cookies to enable you to use the Site, particularly to facilitate browsing. It is our legitimate business interest to use Cookies for this purpose.

B. Performing analytics related to the use of our services

We use data collected by Cookies to analyze how our Site is used and prepare reports on the use of our Site. We also use Cookies to track Site usage and improve your user experience and the quality of the Site. It is our legitimate business interest to use Cookies for these purposes.

C. Providing targeted advertising services

We use data collected by Cookies to fulfill our legitimate interest in providing targeted advertising services. Depending on the circumstances, we will obtain prior consent before setting Cookies for this purpose. If we obtain consent, you may withdraw it at any time. Additionally, you may refuse our processing of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time.

D. Market research

We use data collected by Cookies to fulfill our legitimate interest in conducting market research (including analyzing market segmentation or trends, preferences and behaviors, product or service research, or the effectiveness of marketing or advertising) or product development (e.g., analyzing characteristics of a specific market segment or group of users or the functionality of our Site to improve the Site).

If you wish to disable the use of Cookies described in this section, and no direct method of disabling is available to you (e.g., in browser settings), please contact us using the contact details provided below.

Data sharing

Your personal data may be shared with social networks, email services, SMS services, and other cloud computing services that we use to provide services, customer service, or productivity or reporting purposes.

We share your personal data with third parties as permitted by law and as described below, including service providers acting on our behalf. We do not sell or rent your personal data.

We disclose personal data to law enforcement and other governmental bodies if required by law or strictly necessary for the prevention, detection, or prosecution of criminal offenses and fraud.

Data retention

There is a difference between temporary and permanent Cookies. Temporary Cookies exist only until you close your browser. Permanent Cookies have a longer lifespan and are not automatically deleted when you close your browser. We strive to use Cookies or allow the use of Cookies with a maximum duration of 5 years. Only in exceptional circumstances (e.g., for security reasons, including fraud detection) and when absolutely necessary, a Cookie may have a longer duration than specified. If you have questions about specific retention periods, please contact us using the information below.

Questions or complaints

If you have any questions or complaints about our processing of your personal data or if you wish to exercise any of the rights you have under this notice, feel free to contact us at: or In case of questions or complaints, you can also contact the local data protection authority.

Changes to the Notice

As our business is constantly evolving, this Cookie Notice may change periodically. If you wish to review the changes periodically made to this Cookie Notice, we invite you to open the Cookie Notice and review the changes.

This Cookie Notice is published on the website and applies to all users of the Nokumo application regarding privacy, especially with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation.