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To enhance the visibility of your facilities, we collaborate with an ever-growing network of partners, consistently expanding our reach

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Powerful at a professional level, easy for beginners

Which group are you in?

  • Travel agencies

    Simplify operations, stay competitive, deliver exceptional  experiences

  • Nokumo: Omogućuje jednostavno upravljanje rezervacijama i uvide u stvarnom vremenu


    Effortless reservation management, and real-time insights

  •  Privatni smještaj - Nokumo: Poboljšava efikasnost poslovanja privatnih iznajmljivača

    Private renters

    Elevate guest satisfaction, streamline processes, and optimize performance

A comprehensive solution for managing all types of accommodations

Nokumo doesn't differentiate accommodation capacities, but as a complete solution, it makes a difference for your business

  • Enhanced operational efficiency by supporting all aspects of business operations, including sales, reception, finance, and customer and owner relations.
  • Optimization of sales channels through automatic data exchange with OTA channels, resulting in broader reach and better placement.
  • Direct online booking offering top-notch user experience, fostering greater loyalty, and increasing revenue.
  • Quick analytics enabling better business decisions based on reliable data and trends.
  • Automated communication with guests and owners streamlines relationship management and enhances guest satisfaction.
  • Revenue Management automation optimizes pricing and offer conditions, contributing to revenue and profitability maximization.
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Nokumo: Cjelovito rješenje za upravljanje svim vrstama smještaja

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