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We understand that software systems are not an end in themselves, but only a tool that serves to achieve your goals. We are also aware that there is no ready-made system, but that it is necessary to constantly monitor the needs of the market and adapt the system to those needs.

With many years of experience and a support team that listens, understands and responds quickly, we provide our users with a complete solution every day.

Although Nokumo is a relatively new product, the core team that built it as well as the extremely positive feedback from our end users is a guarantee that you are in good hands with the Nokumo team.

The Nokumo team

Meet the people working behind the scenes to ensure your experience with Nokumo is seamless and efficient

  • Nokumo voditelj projekta

    Project Manager

    Chief designer, 20+ years exp. in complex business info systems with large user bases & transactions

  • Voditelj razvoja

    Head of development

    Chief software architect & team leader, 15+ years exp. in web/cloud app development

  • Glavni konzultant

    Chief consultant

    Business process consultant with 15+ years in hotel chain, global OTA, & domestic agency management

  • Voditeljica podrške

    Support manager

    Honed expertise in providing support for Croatia's largest web/cloud business solutions

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