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19. Nov 23
With the right numbers at the right time to the right business decisions

Nokumo blog:  Pravim brojkama u pravo vrijeme do pravih poslovnih odluka

Do you know the answer to these questions?

Which markets do your guests come from? What is their structure by age group? How many come with children? How far in advance do they book? How long do they stay? Which channels do they book through? What kind of accommodation do they book? How do these indicators change over time? How many more nights do you get on Fridays compared to Wednesdays?

When you subtract OTA channel commissions, what is your revenue per unit type? How much of that relates to income from accommodation, and how much to additional services and fees? What is the correlation between occupancy rate, average nightly rate and RevPAR (revenue per available unit)? How does the relationship between these indicators change when you compare the preseason to the peak season?

What are the practices of your guests regarding cancellation in relation to the date of reservation, and what are they in relation to the date of arrival? How do these practices differ in relation to the age group and market from which the guest comes?

If you are a multi-property manager - what is the when you subtract the fees you pay to the owners? What are the differences between them in relation to individual properties of objects (type, location, contents, categorization) from your portfolio?

Primjer Nokumo izvještaja
Example of a Nokumo report

Why should you know the answer to these questions?

The real question is, can your existing PMS answer all these questions now and immediately? If it can't, maybe it's time to think about a change. Nokumo can. Now and immediately.

Do you have more specific "ad-hoc" questions?

Simple - so that, using specific numbers, you could adjust prices, cancellation policies, advance payment policies, minimum stay and other restrictions in the right way at the right time. In other words - to optimize your offer and achieve better business results. If you manage a facility (or more) that generate a total of HRK 10,000,000 in revenue, and with timely insight into the above-mentioned indicators, you manage to achieve only a 1% better price and 1% better occupancy, you have achieved a positive effect that covers someone's annual gross salary, the costs of official vehicles or IT costs.

For example, how many guests from Germany in the age group of 18-25 stay in your facility for more than 3 days, while booking at least 2 months in advance and arriving on Wednesdays? What was the sales dynamics in November for stays in June of the following year, but only for facilities with a swimming pool? No problem - Nokumo will answer these and many other similar "ad-hoc" questions in just a few clicks. Try it yourself!


Nokumo Excel report
Example of a Nokumo Excel report

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