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19. Nov 23
Top 10 reasons why Nokumo is the best choice for multi-property managers

Nokumo blog: Glavni razlozi zašto je Nokumo najbolji izbor za multi-property managere

Top 10 reasons why Nokumo is the best choice for multi-property managers

The majority of PMS solutions available are structured with the managed entity at the core of operations. What does this mean exactly? Initially, you input the entity into the system, followed by defining price lists, additional services, and fees specific to that entity. When dealing with the next entity in your portfolio, the entire process must be repeated. To put it simply, if you manage a portfolio of 100 entities, you have to create price lists and specify services and fees 100 times. A tedious task, isn't it?

The Nokumo team recognizes that many cases involve selling multiple properties under identical conditions and offering the same set of services or fees for multiple properties. Thus, we designed our system to efficiently support the operations of agencies and multi-property managers from the outset.

Here are some key advantages for multi-property managers or travel agencies:

1. Define price lists once and effortlessly apply them to an unlimited number of facilities or types of accommodation units.

2. Establish additional services and/or fees once and easily apply them to an unlimited number of facilities and/or types of accommodation units.

3. Create templates for invoices, offers, and automated email messages once and seamlessly apply them to an unlimited number of facilities and/or types of accommodation units.

4. Nokumo anticipates scenarios where facilities may leave or enter your portfolio. If an object is no longer part of your portfolio, all data about it remains accessible for reporting and search purposes without incurring a subscription fee for deactivated objects. This ensures complete statistics for quality business comparisons between periods. Certainly, here's a less obvious translation for the additional points:

6. Furthermore, we've expanded beyond the object level, allowing you to input data about the owner and at the specific accommodation unit level. This empowers you to efficiently manage apartment buildings with multiple owners and varied categorization solutions. Simultaneously, you can adopt different working models with each owner, whether in their name and for their account, or in your own name and for someone else's account.

7. Harness the power of Nokumo to streamline communication with owners through robust and flexible message templates. Automate reminders for upcoming guest arrivals, seamlessly send invoices for agency margins, or automatically request confirmation of availability.

8. Leverage the extensive array of predefined reports or effortlessly create ad-hoc analyses with just a few mouse clicks to fine-tune your prices, restrictions, advance payment policies, and cancellation policies. This optimization contributes to achieving superior business results. For more insights into reports, stay tuned to our blog, as we are preparing a special post to showcase Nokumo's advanced reporting subsystem.

9. Hiring a new employee? The time and mistakes involved in mastering the PMS system matter, whether it takes 4, 40, or 140 hours. Despite its extensive functionalities, Nokumo prioritizes user-friendliness. Onboard new employees swiftly and effortlessly to minimize errors.

10. Reduce reliance on OTA channels with the Nokumo Online Booking portal. How? Elevate your site's performance, offer an optimal user experience, provide exclusive special offers/packages and a loyalty program, and facilitate easy group reservations. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming blog posts.

If your services extend beyond sales mediation to include cleaning, central reception, or comprehensive "full-service" offerings for property owners, we've got you covered with:

1. Achieve the fastest guest check-in using the "swipe" ID/travel document reader.

2. Benefit from the most flexible and information-rich lists of departures/arrivals/stays, allowing you to efficiently organize and prioritize cleaning and maintenance tasks.

5. Nokumo offers comprehensive features for managing relationships with owners. Easily define owner prices, cooperation models, and let Nokumo automate the calculation of agency margins, facilitate automatic invoicing to owners, and provide detailed statistics.

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  • Nokumo blog: Glavni razlozi zašto je Nokumo najbolji izbor za multi-property managere
    19. Nov 23

    Top reasons why Nokumo is ideal for multi-property managers

    The vast majority of PMS solutions on the market are designed in such a way that the object you manage is the central entity from which everything starts. What exactly does that mean? First, you will enter the object in the system, then you will define the price lists for that object, then any additional services and fees for that object. For the next object in your portfolio, you will have to do everything from scratch. In translation - if you have a portfolio of 100 objects - you will have to define price lists 100 times and define additional services and fees 100 times. Tiresome, isn't it?

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